Our Shrimp System


PureGrown Aquaculture® owns the only inland recirculating shrimp hatchery in the world. The water is cleaned and reused eliminating the need for disposal. We are located 25 miles inland ensuring that we do not have any negative impact on coastal water quality. We can produce high quality healthy shrimp year round.

Using Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) broodstock the shrimp are spawned in the hatchery then moved to the nursery and then onto the growout tanks. No chemicals, steroids, or pharmaceuticals are used on our shrimp at any time during their life cycle. Our shrimp are 100% traceable; from their parents to your plate.


After the shrimp have gone through their larval stages they are moved to the nursery system. The nursery system is a clear water system and allows more room for the tiny shrimp to grow. Once they reach around 0.04 oz. each they are moved from the nursery system to the growout system.


Once the shrimp reach 0.04 oz each they are moved into the growout system where they grow to a 26/30 tail count.

Our Growout is a clear water system where the temperature, salinity, pH and other parameters are kept at optimal levels for shrimp health and growth. Our special Purinator filtration keeps the bacteria load on the shrimp 27 times better than industry standards.

The taste of our shrimp far exceeds that of wild caught or grown using a biofloc system. With our system you get fully traceable, pathogen free, chemical free, bio-secure shrimp that are sustainable, eco-friendly and taste the way shrimp are suppose to taste.

Our shrimp our fully traceable; not only the shrimp but their environment (water quality, feed rates, growth rates and much more) is traceable as well, resulting in 100% traceability.

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10 pound box headless IQF Pacific White Shrimp in four 2.5lb bags

$16.50 per pound
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10 pound box head-on IQF Pacific White Shrimp in four 2.5lb bags

$14.50 per pound
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